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13 August 2008

No Matter What A Stripper (Or Superior Court Administrator) Tells You...

...There is no sex in the courtrooms of Cobb County Superior Court (or the judge's chambers for that matter).


Sex in a judge's chambers, trysts at local hotels during business hours, obscene phone calls to female workers and a desire to see lesbian sex are among the many accounts of what was going on with the top Superior Court official in Cobb County for the past two decades.

A report released Tuesday by a special investigator outlines these and other accounts of how former Superior Administrator Howard "Skip" Chesshire used his influence to solicit sex from young women who worked for him.
[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Report outlines sexual misconduct by Cobb court official", August 12, 2008]

I am very tempted to file an open records request for this salacious report detailing the debauchery that went on in Cobb County. It should make for some interesting reading.