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08 August 2008

New York Senator Chuck Schumer Says Jim Martin Has A "Winnable Race"

On the evening that Jim Martin defeated Vernon Jones and captured the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination, New York Senator Chuck Schumer put out a statement calling Martin an "impressive candidate...who has the experience and vision to change the direction of our nation." [Source: Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, "Schumer Statement On Martin Primary Win In Georgia", August 5, 2008]

"This is a winnable race," Schumer said. Chuck Schumer is the head of the Democratic Senataorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and is rumored to have recruited Jim Martin into the race against Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss.

Today, over at the AJC Political Insider, they preview an internet ad released by the DSCC yesterday. The ad, "$200,000 = $4?", criticizes Chambliss as a "tool of Big Oil." [Source: AJC Political Insider, "DSCC goes on the attack (on the Internet) against Chambliss", August 8, 2008]

In addition to the web ad, the DSCC has also launched a website, which groups a little more than half a dozen Republican senators, including Chambliss, as bought and paid for by big oil.

In a news release, DSCC Spokesman Matthew Miller said, "The hundreds of thousands that Big Oil has given to Saxby Chambliss are a drop in the bucket compared to the billions in special tax breaks Chambliss has given them."

"With oil companies reporting record high profits while families are paying record high prices, Georgians are going to have a lot of questions about Saxby Chambliss’ Big Oil record. Average Georgians can’t afford the big dollar contributions that Big Oil gives to Saxby Chambliss, but they do deserve a Senator who will fight for their families, not the oil industry."