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12 August 2008

Nathan Deal May Join The GOP Summer Sit-in of 2008

For more than a week now, Georgia Congressmen Phil Gingrey, Tom Price and Lynn Westmoreland have been making a spectacle of themselves in the darkened U.S. House chamber demanding a vote on the GOP-crafted energy plan that includes the authorization of offshore drilling.

Depending on whom you ask (and on which day you ask it), Tom Price or Lynn Westmoreland are the leaders of Republicans' summer sit-in of 2008 and they vow to remain in Washington until House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls Congress back from its 5-week recess to vote on the Republican energy bill.

It's comical that several members of Congress are talking to themselves in the dark and clamboring for some action on their energy legislation when the record shows that on six key energy measures, most --if not all-- of the Republicans voted no.

But I guess the GOP is much more content with staging political gimmicks in the dark rather than having their constituents shine a bright light on their horrible record of putting America on a path to energy independence.

Anywho, the gentleman from the ninth congressional district, Nathan Deal, has indicated that he may join his Republican colleagues in their fight against the man (ahem...woman).

All last week, House Republicans held court over an empty chamber, despite the dimmed lights and lack of C-SPAN coverage, sounding off against Congress’ adjournment without passing legislation to address high gasoline prices.

A spokesman for Rep. Deal said the congressman tentatively is scheduled to join the protest in Washington on Monday.
[Source: Chattanooga Times-Free Press, "Wamp, Deal may join Republican protest on House floor over gas prices", August 12, 2008]

So despite his votes against energy bill after energy bill, Nathan Deal is headed to Washington to deliver campaign talk that he hopes will convince the American people that the Republicans do indeed have a plan for the country's energy problems.

But as Zell Miller said, "Campaign talk tells people who you want them to think you are."

"How you vote tells people who you really are deep inside."

In the plainest terms, Nathan Deal's rhetoric just doesn't match his record.