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04 August 2008

My favorite Skip Caray Call...

...Was during the 1999 National League Championship Series.

Braves versus the Mets.

Game 6.

Bases loaded.

Full count to Andruw Jones.

The Mets pitcher (who cares who it was) walked Jones and all I remember is hearing Skip Caray's voice on the radio screaming, "The Braves are in the World Series! The Braves are in the World Series!"

Atlanta Braves fans across Georgia and across the nation are mourning the passing of the voice of the Braves, Skip Caray, who died in his sleep Sunday.

To quote Chipper Jones, "We all grew up listening to Skip, whether it be on TV or radio." [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Chipper, Cox, other Braves mourn Caray", August 3, 2008]

Yeah, that just about sums it up. We all grew up listening to Skip and Braves baseball is going to seem just a little bit different knowing that Skip Caray won't be up in the booth calling the games.