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20 August 2008

Lithonia voters have a chance to clean house

Remember Lithonia Mayor Joyce McKibben?

She's the one who claimed that police officers assaulted her after a raucous Lithonia city council meeting in April and appeared in public afterwards sporting a neck brace.

Well, next month, voters in the south DeKalb city will have the opportunity to send Joyce McKibben home when they vote in a recall election, September 30th.

DeKalb County election officials on Tuesday certified 376 signatures for the recall effort against Joyce McKibben, 46 more than what was needed, and set a tentative election for Sept. 30.

"We still have to get people out to the polls and get our 51 percent," recall organizer Ric Dodd said of the majority needed to remove McKibben from office. "Then we can get behind someone who understands what a mayor is supposed to do."
[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Lithonia mayor will face recall", August 20, 2008]

Joyce McKibben, for her part, says she's turn the recall effort over to God. She just better hope that God doesn't want her removed from office or else she's doomed.