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07 August 2008

Jim Martin Went Negative On Vernon Jones During Final Days of Campaign

"Vernon Jones Has Struck Out With Georgia Voters"

That's the message the Jim Martin campaign conveyed to voters in two mailers sent out just days before Tuesday's Democratic primary run off. The message seemed to have worked with Martin taking more than 60% of the vote.

Also, Insider Advantage Georgia is reporting that a top strategist for Vernon Jones' failed U.S. Senate bid claims the Obama campaign "helped steer the black vote away from Jones, who is black, to Martin, who is white."

The key line:

"There’s no way that Jim Martin should have received 35 percent of the African-American vote when Vernon was the top vote-getter (in the primary.) The Obama campaign was effective in their direct mail campaign against Vernon," said Kenneth Walker, a top strategist for the Vernon Jones campain. [Source: Insider Advantage Georgia, "Obama Campaign Helped Torpedo Vernon Jones", August 7, 2008]