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18 August 2008

Jailbirds for JohnnyMac...

(picture courtesy, Democratic National Committee)

In the picture above, Jack Abramoff, Ralph Reed, David Safavian and former Congressman Bob Ney enjoy a leisurely golf outing in Scotland. Of the four individuals pictured, only one --Ralph Reed-- hasn't been to jail.

But as DNC Online Organizer Nolan Treadway writes, "[Ralph]Reed escaped the law but his name is more than tainted. He lost the Republican primary for Georgia Lt. Governor in 2006 and has been exposed as a hypocrite for taking money from casinos after previously referring to gambling as 'a cancer.'" [Source: Democratic National Committee, "John McCain's Tainted Money", August 15, 2008]

This evening, Ralph Reed is participating in a fundraiser for John McCain.