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14 August 2008

It's do or die time for Clayton County Schools

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that SACS officials will be in the south metro county today reviewing the school system's progress towards meeting nine mandates to save their accreditation.

Investigators from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools will be in Clayton County today to assess the school district's progress toward saving its accreditation.

A team of educators from across the nation will visit schools and interview employees and board members today and Friday. They also will speak with parents and other county officials, said Mark A. Elgart, SACS president and chief executive officer.
[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "SACS team visits to assess Clayton", Augustt 14, 2008]

Hopefully, SACS will like what they see and possibly place Clayton County back on probation. The voters of Clayton County have done their job by cleaning house. The question is whether their actions are enough to save accreditation.