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28 August 2008

In the words of Kevin Spacey, ClayCo, It's Never Too Late To Get It Back...

...Accreditation, that is.

Today, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) announced that the Clayton County School System is just the second school system, in the past 39 years, to lose accreditation.

Clayton County schools have lost accreditation. The 50,000-student school system is the first in the nation to lose accreditation since 1969, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools announced today. [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Clayton County schools lose accreditation", August 28, 2008]

U.S. Representative David Scott (D - Georgia), who represents a majority of the Clayton County area in Congress, immediately reacted to the SACS announcement with disappointment.

"I am extremely disappointed that SACS has chosen to repeal the Clayton County School System’s accreditation and I urge an immediate appeal of this decision," Congressman Scott said in a statement. "Yesterday, a judge recommended that four board members be removed due to mismanagement of the school system. I call on the Governor to immediately remove these four board members who refuse to resign and immediately move to install new board members. Only a new functioning board can address the 9 mandates that the current board refuses to address."

In an interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Clayton County Commission Chair Edlrin Bell repeated Congressman Scott's call for an immediate appeal of the SACS decision.

"I'm disappointed," Eldrin Bell said. "I think we still have a window of hope because there is an appeal process."