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01 August 2008

If Attendance Is Any Guide, Then Clayton County Is Lost

Clayton County residents should be ashamed of themselves.

With the future of their county's school system at stake, one would think that every single parent from Morrow to Riverdale would be at the meetings of the Clayton County School Board. And yet, despite of their hootin' and hollerin' about the state of their schools, when the time came to do something about it...

...The people of Clayton County were in abstentia.

"All these disgruntled people and no one wants to do anything," superintendent John Thompson said Thursday night after the board held its first public-comment meeting. "It's depressing. Where are all the people that are concerned?" [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Clayton audience is mostly empty chairs", August 1, 2008]

That's my question too.

Where in the world are all the people that are concerned?

After the dismal 20% voter turnout in Clayton County last month, I said to someone, "You know everytime there's an election, politicians like to say 'vote as if your life depended on it.' This election is about the future, your future."

Well, this year, that kind of talk wasn't just empty rhetoric.

The future of Clayton County is at stake. The future of Clayton County Schools is at stake. And it is completely unacceptable for 80% of Clayton County residents not to vote when the stakes are so high. It is completely unacceptble for the Clayton County School Board to walk into a room that is half empty -- especially when there is one month left until SACS gives thumbs up or thumbs down to Clayton County's accreditation.

You know, I'm frustrated for these guys because it seems as if they just don't get it.