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22 August 2008

Guest Blogger: Chris Strickland, District 25 State House Candidate

Governor Sonny Perdue believes that local, not state government, is responsible for raising property taxes throughout the state.

However, he does not explain why the state budget has increased by 6 billion in the past six years.

One possible explanation lies within Hall County, where the Chairman of the Banking Committee resides. This 16 year incumbent has consistently promoted liberal tax-and-spend philosophies that have unfairly burdened this area.

I feel it is important to substantiate such serious charges, so I have included a list of bills that my opponent actively encouraged this year in the State House of Representatives.

This list includes only bills from the 2007 & 2008 sessions, and only bills that the incumbent actively sponsored. It does not include previous years, or votes on bills sponsored by other legislators. A list that exhaustive is beyond the scope of a mere email.

Incumbent Sponsored Bills That Have/Would Raise Taxes or Fees:

HB 1028
HB 1094
HB 1124
HB 1376
HB 315 (2007) PASSED
HB 645 (2007) PASSED

This is in addition to votes for a Georgia state budget that has consistently risen since 2002.

My goal is only to recognize that the State Legislature is to blame for this budget deficit, and that a change in leadership is needed for our state to balance the books and proceed to financial health once again.


Chris Strickland
Candidate, State House (South Hall County)