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28 August 2008

Gov. Perdue, Don't Cut Kids' Healthcare [UPDATE]

[UPDATE]: 11Alive and the Associated Press are out with a new report that says PeachCare for Kids and Medicaid were spared from the chopping block [Source:, "PeachCare, Medicaid Spared in State Budget Cuts", August 28, 2008].

11Alive and the Associated Press is reporting that Gov. Sonny Perdue has ordered the Dept. of Community Health to cut $91 million from the Peachcare for Kids and Medicaid programs [Source:, "Medicaid, PeachCare Face $91 Million in Cuts", August 28, 2008]

Peachcare for Kids provides affordable health insurance for Georgia's uninsured children.

I'm sure that Roy Barnes will forgive me for stealing one of his best lines, but if I were Governor of Georgia, I'd scrape the gold off the dome of the state capitol before I would cut a single dime from children's health insurance.

The state could save $150 million a year by rolling back the tax breaks given to insurance companies, pig farmers and donors to private-school scholarship groups. The state could also save money by eliminating the millions of dollars in pork projects inserted into the state budget by state legislators [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "In Georgia budget crisis, tax breaks, ‘pork’ are safe", August 18, 2008].

The point is that $91 million does not need to be cut from Peachcare for Kids. $91 million does not need to be cut from Medicaid. If anything, the pork projects need to be eliminated and the tax breaks need to be rolled back.

Kids' healthcare is the last thing that should be on the chopping block.