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24 August 2008

Georgians Vote To Restore Voting Rights Of Florida And Michigan

After nearly a year of being punished by the National Democratic Party for breaking the delegate selection rules, the states of Florida and Michigan were unanimously brought back into the fold as the two states had their voting rights fully restored by the convention Credentials Committee.

Georgia's four representatives on the committee --State Sen. David Adelman, Kirk T. Dornbush, Jr., Karol V. Mason and Patty A. Payne-- voted for seating the delegations of Florida and Michigan. After the vote, state Sen. Adelman said he was "100% satisfied" with the outcome of the Credentials Committee meeting today.

U.S Senator Carl Levin and DNC Member Debbie Dingell, both from Michigan, were present for the meeting and declared victory for their state once the vote was taken.

"They reached a decision we always knew they would make," Sen. Levin said. "We were always very, very determined to try to change this system."

"This is ultimately what we want. This is ultimately a victory, not only to get our delegates seated, it's a victory to challenge a system that makes utterly no sense," Levin continued.

Michigan DNC Member Debbie Dingell echoed Levin's remarks saying the vote succeeded in challenging the system that allows Iowa and New Hampshire to have first-in-the-nation status.

"Sometimes you take risks for change," Dingell said of the DNC's earlier decision to strip Michigan of all its national convention delegates.

"We're fighting for a process that gives every state the opportunity to have that chance to see the presidential candidates and have their issues considered," Dingell continued.

Dingell also said she believed the caucus system is flawed and felt the time to discuss any changes would be immediately after the presidential election.

The full Democratic National Convention will vote on the credentials committee report tomorrow afternoon as their first order of business.