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30 August 2008

Georgia On My Mind: Closing Thoughts On The 2008 Democratic National Convention

I've been here in Denver for nine days now and I am ready to go back home to Georgia.

Lucky for me, my flight is today.

So here are my closing thoughts on the historic 2008 Democratic National Convention:

1.) Aside from Barack Obama's speech on Thursday night, the best four speeches of the convention were delivered by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Dennis Kucinich and Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer;

2.) There is no doubt in my mind that the Democratic Party is united towards victory in November; and

3.) I've got nothing by Georgia On My Mind right now, so I leave Denver and I leave you with the official state song of the Peach State; the Goober State; the Empire State of the South; the largest state east of the Mississippi River and the home of the number one ranked college football team in the country...Georgia!

Thanks to all of the sponsors of this site. Thanks to all of the Democratic Convention volunteers. Thanks to the people of Denver for such wonderful hosts. And thank you for reading Georgia Politics Unfiltered.