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07 August 2008

Four Georgians To Vote On Democrats' National Platform This Saturday

The Democratic Party's 186-member Platform Committee will meet in Pittsburgh Saturday to discuss and adopt the final Democratic Party Platform that will be voted on at the Democratic Convention in Denver.

The Platform Drafting Committee met last weekend in Cleveland.

Both events are part of a process that began a month ago with more than 1,600 listening sessions and over 20,000 people participating in all 50 states to solicit input on the Party's platform.

Four Georgians --Gina L. Bennett, state Representative Margaret Kaiser, Joe E. Taylor, Jr., and Commissioner of Labor Michael Thurmond-- will be among the nearly 200 committee members voting on the proposed platform for the National Democratic Party.

Once the committee adopts the proposed platform, 102 Georgia delegates will have an opportunity to review and vote on the document during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. In 2004, the vote on the platform was held on the second night of the convention.

C-SPAN will broadcast Saturday's Democratic platform committee meeting live beginning at 9:30AM.