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01 August 2008

Former Fulton County Sheriff Candidate Asks Voters To "Get It Right This Time"

Three weeks ago, an overwhelming majority --69.3%-- of voters in the Fulton County Democratic Primary voted for change in the Fulton County Sheriff's Office.

Three weeks ago, 32,558 voters sent a message that they were fed up with the ineptness and lack of leadership from Myron Freeman during his tenure as Fulton County Sheriff.

And now, three weeks later, Fulton County voters have an opportunity to get it right this time and elect a Sheriff that represents leadership, experience and a committment to restore professionalism, dignity, pride and prestige back to the Fulton County Sheriff's Department.

That's the message from Charles Rambo, a former candidate for Sheriff who through his support behind Ted Jackson in next Tuesday's run-off primary for the Democratic nomination for Sheriff of Fulton County.

"This is not just a run-off election, it is our competent right to choose
and reflect to the world who our leaders are in Fulton County," Rambo said. "For change that we can believe in, I urge every person who cast a ballot for me to 'Let’s get it righ this time' and elect Ted Jackson."

With Rambo's endorsement, Ted Jackson, a former FBI agent, can now say that he has the backing of all six Democratic challengers to incumbent Myron Freeman. Charles Rambo along with Ronald Brandy, Curtis Farmer, Patrick Labat, Aubrey Osteen and Charles Farmer are now united for change behind Ted Jackson, and one can only hope that the voters do the same in next week's election.

The winner of the August 5th run-off will face Republican Michael Rary in November.