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24 August 2008

Denver Welcomes The Media With A Big Party

In Denver, Saturday night, the hottest ticket in town was a pass to the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee's media welcoming party at the Elitch Gardens Theme Park. More than 15,000 members of the media, including quite a few bloggers, had their run of the amusement park where everything --from the food and drinks to the rides and games-- was free.

Free funnel cakes.

Free Pepsi.

Free cotton candy.

Free popcorn. When I say everything was free, I mean everything was free.

I literally saw several people walking out of the park with two big, 30 gallon bags of stuffed animals that they had won playing an assortment of carnival games including whack-a-mole, plinko, and balloon dart toss.

Former Georgia Democratic Party Deputy Director Pat Pullar and I roamed around Elitch Gardens enjoying the entertainment, playing the games (and taking home the prizes too), riding the rides and running into other Georgians including state Democratic Party Executive Director Matt Weyandt.

The evening was capped off with a performance by the group, "FloBots", and a spectacular fireworks show.

[EDITOR'S NOTE]: It takes a lot to rattle my nerves, but there's ride at Elitch Gardens, the Sidewinder, that had my legs shaking for about 5 minutes after the ride was over.