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12 August 2008

Deborah Honeycutt: "I am the Democratic Party's Worst Nightmare."

Yesterday, Talking Points Memo published a Deborah Honeycutt fundraising mail piece that it obtained from a reader in Iowa.

The mailer was sent out by Honeycutt's direct mail fundraising firm, BMW Direct; a firm that recently was the target of scrutiny by the Boston Globe newspaper after an investigation showed that candidates who hire BMW Direct rarely see more than 20% of the money raised for their campaigns [Source: Boston Globe, Firm gets big cut of campaign donations", June 29, 2008].

Deborah Honeycutt is the Republican nominee for Georgia's 13th congressional district.

In her letter, Honeycutt writes, "My friend, I would not be writing you this letter unless I honestly knew I could win this race."

"I am the Democratic Party's worst nightmare. Because I am a black Republican woman and I'm running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives," Honeycutt continues. [Source: Talking Points Memo, "BMW Direct Mailer For Georgia Republican Lands On Iowa Doorstep of Weekly Standard Reader", August 11, 2008]

The highly-respected Cook's Political Report ranks Georgia's 13th district as a "solid D."