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12 August 2008

Congressional Quarterly To Release Georgia Election Forecasts Wednesday

Congressional Quarterly Inc., the nation's premier provider of news, analysis and information on Congress, politics and public policy, today announced the launch of a new series, 2008 Election Forecasts, the newest addition to CQ Politics' unrivaled coverage of the presidential and congressional races.

Each forecast analyzes a state's political landscape, providing CQ's signature race ratings (safe, favored, leans or no clear favorite) for the presidential race, the number of electoral votes at stake, and insight into which candidate is likely to prevail in November. The forecasts also profile all the competitive congressional races in the state and rate each one as well.

Wednesday, August 13th, CQ Politics will release its election forecasts for Georgia and the Carolinas, north and south.

The 2008 Election Forecasts are located on CQ Politics at