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11 August 2008

Campaign Talk Tells People Who You Want Them To Think You Are.

"How you vote tells people who you really are deep inside."

Those are the words of the former Governor of Georgia, Zell Miller, and they could not apply any less to the antics of the Republican Congressman from Georgia's 6th district, Tom Price.

For over a week now, Tom Price and his GOP colleagues have held court in a darkened U.S. House chamber railing against what they call the Democrats' refusal to vote on a Republican-backed energy plan. You see, Tom Price wants his constituents (and the rest of America) to think that sitting around in the dark, screaming the words Drill! Drill! Drill! over and over again, shows that the Republicans truly care about easing Americans' pain at the gas pump; that the Republicans truly care about reducing our nation's reliance on foreign oil; that the Republicans truly care about investing in renewable energy sources and technologies.

In short, the sole purpose of the Roswell Republican's campaign talk is to tell the American people what the GOP wants them to think. However, the votes of Congressman Price on key energy legislation tells us how he really is deep inside.

On six pieces of legislation designed to put America on a path towards energy independence, Tom Price was opposed.

On the Renewable Energy and Job Creation Act, Tom Price was opposed.

On the Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act, Tom Price was opposed.

He was against the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

He was against the Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act.

And he was against the No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels "NOPEC" Act.

Against. Against. Against.

That's who Tom Price really is.

A Republican Congressman who believes we can drill our way to energy independence and continuously votes against energy bills that offers real solutions to America's energy problems.