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12 August 2008

Banks & Carroll County Robo Calls Paid For By Anonymous

Georgia State Senator John Wiles (R - Kennesaw) continues to defend the law he authored that no longer requires individuals or organizations to claim responsibility for political ads or messages.

Says the Kennesaw Republican:

"If citizens want to stand on a street corner or on the Capitol steps, and hand out political pamphlets or voice their opinions about their government, the police cannot force them to reveal their identity or put them in jail. It is their right to free speech and free expression without prejudice under the Constitution of the United States." [Source: Athens Banner Herald, "Voters in more counties report odd 'robocalls'", August 12, 2008]

Meanwhile, voters in Carroll, Walton, Banks, Jackson and Hall counties received robo calls from an anonymous source telling them that their name would be removed from the voter rolls if they did not vote in the August 5th run-off.

A barrage of computer-generated phone calls left a trail of frightened voters from Carroll County to Commerce on election day last week, but the messages may not have broken any laws and officials may never know who's behind them.

...several voters in Carroll, Walton, Banks and Jackson counties called their local election officials, panicked that they would not be able to vote in November or startled that someone knew if they had voted.

No one knows who paid for the robo calls and if any laws were broken, no one knows who to prosecute.

Basically, John Wiles' says that any person could design and print 10,000 flyers, walk out to the street corner, distribute those 10,000 flyers that slanders a candidate running for office, and never have to take personal responsibility for their actions.

Quick question...

...Who wants to be the first legislator to pre-file a bill that would repeal John Wiles' law?