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19 August 2008

Another Fight About Diversity In the Georgia Democratic Party

On July 26th, the state Democratic committee elected the remainder of Georgia's six representatives on the Democratic National Committee (DNC); Page Gleason, Richard Ray, Sally Rosser and David Worley.

Almost immediately, attention was brought to the fact that out of the state's six Democratic National Committee members, only one is black despite African-Americans having a significant presence in the Georgia Democratic electorate [Source: Georgia Politics Unfiltered, "The Georgia Democratic Party's Lingering Diversity Issue", July 27, 2008].

Well it now appears that a DeKalb County Democrat has some problems with the apparent lack of diversity in Georgia's DNC delegation and plans to do something about it.

At its meeting on August 7th, the DeKalb County Democratic Party heard from Linda Edmonds on a challenge to the credentials of the four DNC members elected last month.

Linda Edmonds is the Georgia Democratic Party's 4th Congressional District Chair.

According to meeting records, Linda Edmonds, the 4th congressional chair presented a petition to challenge the credentials of the Georgia DNC selection held July 26, 2008 which main points included:

1. The Method used discriminated minorities; and
2. The DPG violated its own charter and bylaws.

There's no word about the status of the Edmonds challenge, but the Democratic National Committee requires that all credentials challenges be filed within thirty days of the selection of the state's DNC members.