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24 August 2008

3 Georgia Senators React To Obama/Biden Ticket

The talk of the town yesterday was Barack Obama naming Joe Biden as his vice presidential running mate. Most Georgia Democrats reacted favorably to the Obama/Biden ticket with leaders such as Congressman John Lewis (D - Atlanta) putting the Delaware senator in a "class by himself." [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Georgia Democrats generally praise Biden’s selection", August 24, 2008]

Former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn, who at a time was considered to be on Obama's v.p. short list, called Biden's selection "an excellent choice."

"He [Biden] is a man of experience and high integrity. He will be a valuable running mate to Senator Obama," Nunn said. [Source:, "Sen. Nunn: Biden is an excellent choice", August 23, 2008]

However, Georgia's two sitting senators, including one who is occupying the Senate seat once held by Sam Nunn, had nothing but criticisms for their colleague from the state of Delaware.

...Sen. Saxby Chambliss and Sen. Johnny Isakson pointed out that Sen. Biden had harsh words for Obama when the two were battling each other for the Democratic nomination.

"Politics seems to make strange bedfellows from time to time and Biden has certainly been one of the strongest critics against Obama during the primary season," Sen. Chambliss said while campaigning in DeKalb County.

Sen. Chambliss [...] also said that the senior senator from Delaware would not appeal to traditionally conservative Southern voters.
[Source:, "Ga. Republicans Weigh in on Obama's VP Choice", August 23, 2008]

Republican Saxby Chambliss currently holds the seat once held by Democrat Sam Nunn and is up for re-election in November.