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05 August 2008

3 Georgia Republicans Stay In Washington To Continue Protest

The lights are dimmed and the cameras are off in the halls of Congress but three Georgia Republicans are still in Washington continuing their protest against the Democratic-led Congress.

Last Friday, when the United States House of Representatives adjourned for a five-week recess, a handful of Congressional Republicans led by Lynn Westmoreland (R - Georgia) stayed in the Capitol to protest what they called the Democratic-led Congress' unwillingness to take up a GOP-developed plan to deal with the nation's energy crisis. With the lights turned out in the House Chamber and the C-SPAN cameras turned off, one Republican after another --including some in bermuda shorts, sandals, and shades-- called on the Democrats to bring Congress back into session to vote on the Republican energy plan.

After taking the weekend off, several Republican members of Congress are still in the Capitol maintaining their vigil.

Among them are Georgia Congressmen Phil Gingrey, Tom Price and Lynn Westmoreland.

"It's time for Congress to go to work!" demanded Rep. Price -- the same Tom Price who, when Congress was busily working this spring, offered one of the many motions to adjourn.

Before a long speech, Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.) told the crowd that Republicans had accepted Pelosi's flippant recommendation that they "use their imagination" to get a vote on oil drilling. "We're using our imagination," he said.

Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.), a gynecologist by training, paced the floor in his seersucker suit and urged the tourists in the gallery to "come down here and get a little closer and get a feel for what it's like."

Source: Washington Post, "At Recess, a Little One-Sided Dodgeball", August 5, 2008

And as was the case last Friday, the Democrats continue to deride the Republicans' protest as nothing but a political stunt.

"They had too many years in the majority to get something done on gas prices, and they failed," said Georgia Democratic Party spokesman Martin Matheny. "They need to stop using $4.00 a gallon gas as a political football and get a little skin in the game by working with Democrats to put together a solution."