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29 July 2008

Paul Broun Criticizes Congress For Its Excessive Spending...

...Despite news reports that say the Athens Republican has blown through most of his annual $1.38 million congressional office budget.

In an entry appearing on The Hill newspaper's Congress blog, Congressman Broun wrote yesterday that "the 110th Congress has obviously favored the red over the white and blue in its fiscal legislation."

"If Congress would embrace a balanced budget, the debt would not grow," Broun wrote. [Source: The Hill's Congress Blog, "Congress Favors Red Over White and Blue in Fiscal Legislation", July 28, 2008]

Broun's displeasure at Washington's excessive spending came less than a week after the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Broun spent over half of his congressional office budget on mailings to his constituents.

"Newcomer Congressman Paul Broun blanketed his Georgia district with so many mass mailings that he burned through much of his annual office budget, a Capitol Hill newspaper reports. [Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Fiscal conservative Broun blowing through own budget", July 23, 2008]

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.