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31 July 2008

An Open Letter to Karen Handel

Dear Secretary Handel:

Recently, I received an email from a reader of my site, Georgia Politics Unfiltered, alleging that last Thursday, July 24, 2008, your office gave a Georgia resident the third degree when she came in to request a box of voter registration applications.

The text of the email alleges that an employee at the Secretary of State's office repeatedly inquired about the person's party affiliation, and when the lady said Democrat, the state employee said, "the Democatric Party of Georgia has already been given 10,000 and that's it."

These allegations of voter registration application refusals have also appeared on another prominent Democratic blog, Tondee's Tavern. [Source: Tondee's Tavern, "Secretary of States office not giving our voter registrations forms", July 26, 2008]. And while I hope these accusations are not true, I also hope an investigation can be done to determine the truth of the matter so that other individuals interested in registering more Georgians to vote won't be discouraged from doing so based on what they've read online.

As someone who has worked as an Fulton County elections official and a deputy voter registrar, I strongly believe that we should be doing more to encourage people to register to vote. If a citizen wants two or three boxes of voter registration forms, the Secretary of State's office should give it to them regardless of their
party affiliation.

I'm sure that you agree.

I look forward to learning more about what your office is doing in response to this alleged incident and thank you for your service to the people of Georgia.


Andre Walker