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28 July 2008

Jim Martin for Senate: Tommy Irvin Endorsed Our Campaign...

...To which Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin's office replied, "Oh no we didn't."

In an April 28, 2008 press release, the Jim Martin campaign claimed that in addition to raising more than $350,000 from nearly 900 contributors, they had picked up the endorsement of prominent Georgia Democrats including former Governor Roy Barnes, House Democratic Leader DuBose Porter and Commissioner of Agriculture Tommy Irvin [Source: Martin for Senate, Jim to Qualify for U.S. Senate Race, April 28, 2008].

Today, Macon Telegraph political reporter Travis Fain writes that a spokesman for Commissioner Irvin says that the Commissioner has not and will not endorse in the primary.

Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin's office says he didn't endorse anyone in the race, which is down to the Aug. 5 runoff between Martin and DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones.

From Yao Seidu, an Irvin spokesman: "He is a loyal Democrat and, being a loyal Democrat, they don't endorse candidates in the primary elections."
[Source: Lucid Idiocy (Politics), "Strike two: Martin campaign misfires on another endorsement", July 28, 2008]

Ouch! That has got to hurt.