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30 July 2008

In Case You Missed It: Joseph Lowery Endorses Jim Martin

Lowery called [DeKalb County CEO Vernon]Jones a "zig-zag, so-called conservative Bush supporter" and criticized him for voting twice in favor of President Bush. He praised Martin, a former legislator, for being a "consistent Democrat." [Source: 11Alive/Associated Press, "Civil Rights Leader Backs Martin", July 30, 2008]

On a related note, the winner of Tuesday's run-off automatically becomes a member of the Georgia state Democratic committee. I took that fact under heavy consideration when I voted earlier this week and I cast my vote for a candidate that has the best interests of the Democratic Party of Georgia at heart; a candidate that Democrats from across the state can rally around towards our ultimate goal...

...Defeating Saxby Chambliss in November.

I voted for Jim Martin.