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30 July 2008

Eldrin Bell Isn't Running For Clayton County Sheriff...

...So why did the current sheriff, Victor Hill, spend most of his time criticizing someone who isn't even running against him.

Who knows?

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is running against attorney Kem Kimbrough in Tuesday's runoff. He spent most of his time at a debate Tuesday criticizing County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell.

"This campaign is about corruption. Some of the organized crime people are Eldrin's friends," Hill said. "I will not allow politicians to associate with those type of people. If I have a choice of having someone who is hanging out with organized crime or someone who is not, I would prefer having someone who is not."
[Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution, "Sheriff assails Clayton chairman", July 30, 2008]

Sheriff Hill seemed to do the dirty work for Lee Scott, a candidate seeking to unseat Eldrin Bell in next week's run-off. The question that needs to be asked is why didn't Lee Scott show up to debate Chairman Bell and make the accusations of corruption to his face.

Only Lee Scott can answer that question.