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08 November 2007

The Gospel according to Creflo Dollar...

..."We celebrate the extravagance of movie stars and yet we can't do it with the people who are always in our community loving our people."

Founder & Pastor of World Changers Church International Creflo "Dollar Dollar Bill Y'all" Dollar speaking to 11Alive's Keith Whitney on his extravagant spending and life style that funded primarily by the members of his church.

Here's a video clip of Dr. Dollar (sounds like a rapper's name doesn't it?) expressing his views on why he needs a Rolls-Royce to get back and forth to church:

Remember what I wrote a few days ago..."Meanwhile, the church members who gave their last twenty dollars to the church are riding around in broken down pick-up trucks."

There's no finer example of that than the words of Shakobi Goodman:

"I catch the bus. I have no problem with Dr. Dollar as far as the Bentley, the jets...God has raised him up so everything he's got, he deserves it." [Source: 11/8/2007 11Alive article "Church Wealth Governed By Bible"]

Anybody else out there believe that Creflo Dollar is as crooked as a question mark?