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09 January 2007

Talking with Rep. Bobby Franklin...

...By now, I'm sure that you've read the other side of the abortion issue, so I thought I'd provide you with Bobby Franklin's side of the abortion issue.

I just finished talking with him, over in the old Depot, during a reception sponsored by Georgia State University.

First of all, I asked Rep. Franklin what he thought of the "boycott" of his hearing today by members of the pro-choice community from a strategic standpoint. Actually, I asked him point blank if he thought not showing up for a public hearing was a good strategy, and Rep. Franklin said that "we'll never know now."

I asked Rep. Franklin what he thought the chances of his bill getting a vote were, and he started off by saying that he's introduced the legislation for three terms now, and he's having folks asking to co-sponsor the bill with him. Franklin said that as of right now, he had six co-sponsors of the bill, but that other members of the House were coming up to him asking to sign on as well. He also said that he thought the bill had a good chance of getting out of committee.

I followed up with a question about the partisan make-up of the bill's co-sponsors, and Franklin's response was that he hadn't asked for any Democratic support because he didn't believe that there were any pro-life Democrats left in the legislature. Rep. Franklin said, "Most of the Democrats that would've signed on to the bill have switched parties", and I informed him that there are pro-life Democratic groups out there such as "Democrats for Life" to which Rep. Franklin responded, "I know there are pro-life Democratic groups out there across the nation, but I don't believe there are any pro-life Democrats in the legislature." Franklin added that we'll see when the bill gets to the floor for a vote.

Now, I was curious about what Bobby Franklin thought about being called crazy and radical by members of the pro-choice community, and Rep. Franklin's response was that he was "doing what was right". He asked me if I felt that it was right for one human being to own another, and I said no because the Constitution outlawed it; and Rep. Franklin said "Well, before the 13th amendment to the Constitution...", then Franklin proceeded to answer the question for me..."No, it wouldn't be right because it's wrong for one human being to own another human being, and I believe that it's wrong for one human being to take a life of another." Rep. Franklin then said that the folks that wanted to end slavery were called "crazy" and "radical", but they were doing "what was right", so he didn't mind being called crazy because he's doing what's right.

I shook Rep. Franklin's hand; he wished me luck; and that's that.