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14 July 2006

Where do the rest of Georgia Republicans stand?

In today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it was reported that an overwhelming majority of the Republican members of Georgia's Congressional delegation voted against reauthorizing the voting rights act. (Read the article "Voting act OK'd in tense House")

Now, the people of Georgia know where Congressmen Nathan Deal, Phil Gingrey, John Linder, Charlie Norwood, Tom Price, and Lynn Westmoreland stand when it comes to protecting America's precious right to vote. (See the final vote results for HR9: the Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, and Coretta Scott King Voting Rights Act Reauthorization and Amendments Act)

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland made it clear that he's going to seek to overturn the will of the majority in the United States House of Representatives by going to his own "activist judges" when he made the following comments, "We needed 218 votes in the House, but we'll only need five votes in the Supreme Court. Justice will prevail. The honor of Georgia will be restored."

But the real question now is where do the rest of Georgia Republicans stand on this important issue.

Where does Gov. Sonny Perdue stand?

Where does House Speaker Glenn Richardson and Senate President Pro Tempore Eric Johnson stand?

Where does Ralph Reed, Casey Cagle, Bill Stephens, Karen Handel, and the other host of Georgia Republicans seeking Georgia's state Consitutional offices stand?

Where does the Georgia Republican Party stand?

Georgia Republicans have a responsibility to let the people of Georgia know where they stand. Do they stand with the six Georgia Republican members of Congress that voted against the Voting Rights Act? Or do they stand with the 390 U.S. Representatives, both Republican and Democrat, that voted for the Voting Rights Act?