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17 July 2006

Primary Predictions Open Thread

For one reason or another, tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for; so how do you think things will shape up?

Will Mark Taylor or Cathy Cox win without a run-off?

Who will make the run-off in the Democratic & Republican primaries for Secretary of State? Or will there even be one?

Will Greg Hecht's negative ads cause him to miss the run-off in the Democratic Lt. Governor primary?

Will Ralph Reed's political career end Tuesday night before it even got started?

My predictions are that Mark Taylor will win without a run-off, Karen Handel and Bill Stephens are forced into a run-off, none of the Democratic candidates for Secretary of State will get over 25% of the vote, Greg Hecht and Steen Miles battle it out to see who'll face Jim Martin in a run-off, Casey Cagle squeaks by Ralph Reed, and Hank Johnson will do better than expected against Cynthia McKinney.

Hell, he might even win.

What are your predictions for tomorrow's primary elections?