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31 July 2006

Guest Blogger: Billy McKinney

This morning, in my e-mail inbox, I had received the following e-mail entitled "The Fourth District is in Danger" from James E. "Billy" McKinney. I'm not going to make any commentary; I'm just going to let you be the judge. -Andre

The Fourth District is in Danger

The Fourth District is in danger of being represented by the Republican Party. As I have looked back over the last year of political events, I have detected a very astute strategy to turn the 4th district over to the Republican party. It is very clear now that all of the dots are beginning to connect. After the stunning victory over five seasoned elected officials in 2004, the Republican party decided to run Republicans in all races as Democrats. They put candidates in both parties and would end up in November with their people on the ballot, regardless of the Primary results.

This plan began with Rep. Lynn Westmoreland re-districting the 4th district in the middle of the decade after the district had just been redrawn. The gerrymandered plan was approved by the Republican judicial system and the Republican national, and state parties, knowing that the Democratic Party would not fight to protect Rep. McKinney. Areas that were familiar to the congresswoman and the congresswoman familiar to them were removed and hostile Republican voting majorities were placed in the district. Rockdale and Gwinnett counties were just enough to complete the plan and yet pass Justice Department muster.

The Republican party, with all of its money can buy politicians to achieve their goal. In 2004, forty years of seniority was lost to the community when three state senators and one President of City Council gave up their seats of power. The scheme had worked in 2002 when the Republican Party chose Denise Majette to unseat McKinney. Flush with money and determined to unseat McKinney again, the national Republican Party chose another weak character to achieve their goal. They are flooding their candidate with money, votes, and support. In the meantime, the Democratic party is standing by with nothing to say or do. Yesterday, the GOP revealed that the Democratic standard bearer had taken McKinney off of his web site. They say it was there to help win the primary, now it's gone.

It is easy to see that Hank is a darling of the Republicans. Ray Charles can easily see what is going on. Money makes the mare trot.

The Fourth District is in danger of being represented by the Republican Party.

I was in the GA General Assembly for 30 years and have seen many things, but nothing like this abandonment of a senior member. If the Democrats let the brazen Republicans do this, then the Democratic Party deserves a Republican representative presenting its views in Washington.

If this is the case, then the time is ripe for Cynthia to lead this country in an independent movement. One where money is not the leading ingredient, but where "Truth, Peace, and Justice" is the mantle and WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER.

James E "Billy" McKinney