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27 March 2006

Yet Another Poll, Yet Another Decrease in Sonny Perdue's lead...

...this time it's from the Rasmussen Reports poll, which was conducted on March 15, 2006. Here are the results:

In the race for the governor's mansion, Republican Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue still leads in projected match-ups with Democrats Secretary of State Cathy Cox and Lt. Governor Mark Taylor. But the latest Rasmussen Reports survey finds that both Democrats have gained ground compared to polls conducted earlier in the year.

Perdue leads Cox 49% to 41% and leads Taylor 51% to 41%. A month ago, he led both Democrats by 20 points. He also held a double digit lead against both Democrats in January.

The rolling average of the past three Rasmussen Reports polls shows Perdue leading Cox 51% to 37%. For this match-up, all three polls this year are within the margin of sampling error from this result. This raises the possibility that there may be little actual movement in the race and that the apparent tightening might be statistical noise.

However, the three-poll rolling average for the Perdue-Taylor match-up shows Perdue leading 53% to 35%. The most recent poll shows Taylor six points above this average. Additionally, Perdue’s support has declined each month when matched against Taylor (from 55% to 53% to 51%). This suggests that Taylor's gains are more than just statistical noise.

Read the rest of the article "Georgia Governor: Perdue Lead Shrinks"

So what is with all this talk about Cathy Cox being the "best Democrat" to run against Sonny Perdue in the General Election? It seems to me that Cathy Cox's numbers have stagnated, while the "Big Guy's" numbers are on the rise...and he hasn't even gone on t.v. yet.