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03 January 2006

Atlanta 2008: The Democratic Convention Update

I don't want to be presumptuous and say that the idea of Atlanta hosting the 2008 Democratic Convention is gaining steam, but I will say that some people in high places are starting to take notice and give it a little thought.

Here's the text of an e-mail that I received from David McAuley, the Director of the Washington, D.C. district office of the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau:


I’ve been reading your blog tonight about the DNC 2008, a topic in which I am both personally and professionally interested. I work for the Atlanta CVB in our Washington, D.C. Office. Would like to talk to you more to see what you know about the possibility of Atlanta hosting 2008. For the most part, I think my bosses fear the enormous cost of hosting the event, and rightfully so. But I am wondering how the local party back home might take on the endeavor.

Frankly, we might be more ripe to host the RNC. I’d like either.

Would be curious to talk to you to get your insight.

David McAuley
Director, Washington, D.C. Area Office
Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau

I gave David a call and gave him my insight as well as my thoughts on how the city of Atlanta would pay for hosting the 2008 DNC (My thoughts were that Atlanta could use the same corporate sponsorship strategy that it used to pay for the 1996 Summer Olympics).

Personally, I think that if Mayor Franklin decides to throw Atlanta's hat in the ring for the 2008 Democratic Convention, the Democratic Party of Georgia would almost be obligated to support her and provide whatever support it can to the effort.

We'll see what happens.