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13 October 2005

John Smoltz endorses Karen Handel

Veteran Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz endorsed Karen Handel, a Republican, for Secretary of State last week before the Braves were eliminated from the playoffs, in four games, by the Houston Astros.

According to John Smoltz, "Karen Handel is a good friend and I know she will make an excellent Secretary of State. She has done an incredible job as Fulton County Chairman and we need her conservative leadership at the state level. I'm proud to endorse her candidacy."

I like John Smoltz and I'm a John Smoltz fan but after the Braves came up short in the playoffs yet again, my prevailing mood right now isn't all that favorable towards listening to anything the Atlanta Braves have to say and that includes a certain pitcher's political preferences.

Hey John, when the Braves win another World Series is when I'll start letting you tell me how to vote.

On a side note, Karen Handel also has state representatives Joe Wilkinson & Edward Lindsey as well as state senator David Shafer and former Attorney General Mike Bowers on her team.

On another side note, on November 8th, John Smoltz is doing a $500/per ticket fundraiser for Ralph Reed at Barnacles Restaurant in Alpharetta. I don't care if John Smoltz is a Republican, but why does he have to support Ralph "The Rat" Reed (who is just wrong for Georgia) for Lt. Governor.