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30 September 2005

Some more news on Rep. David Graves

For the last few days, I've been blogging about state Rep. David Graves (R-Macon), the DUI charges against him, and his willingness to try and claim "legislative immunity" simply because the Georgia General Assembly was in session when he was caught DUI.

Well, today, David Graves has done something honorable. He has dropped the "legislative immunity" line of defense and he is also stepping down as chairman of the House Regulated Industries Committee.

In today's edition of the Macon Telegraph, they have the following article:

Macon state Rep. David Graves, who had cited legislative immunity in defending himself against a drunken-driving charge, issued a statement today saying he would withdraw that line of defense.

He also said he was resigning as chairman of a House committee that regulates alcohol sales.

In the statement released by e-mail this morning, Graves said, "I want to take full responsibility for my actions, and to that end, I am submitting a letter of resignation as Chairman of the House Regulated Industries Committee to Speaker Glenn Richardson."

"In addition, I am instructing my attorney to continue to defend me in court on the merits of the case and to only use strategies that are available to any Georgia citizen. I do not want to be treated differently because of my status as a state legislator."

Read the rest of the Macon Telegraph article Graves will withdraw immunity defense on DUI charge

I think it is good to see that Rep. Graves is finally taking some personal responsibility for his actions, although I still believe that he should give up his seat in the Georgia General Assembly. This move by Rep. Graves is the first step along the way of him accepting the consequences of his actions.