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17 June 2005

The DPG Rural Caucus Has "Joe"-Mentum

Below is the text of the email that I sent, yesterday, to the 55 DPG State Committee Members that represent the Georgia counties with populations of 55,000 or less:

Dear Georgia Democrat:

A few weeks ago, I wrote you to ask for your help in forming a Rural Caucus within the Democratic Party of Georgia so that our rural Democratic supporters, activists, and allies can have their interests, issues, and concerns addressed.

Well, today, I bring you good news as the chairman of our State Party, Bobby Kahn, has added his name to the petition of State Committee Members officially requesting a Rural Caucus be organized and formed.

This is a giant step towards reaching out & building the Democratic Party across our great state.

That brings our number up to 8 10 State Committee Members requesting a Rural Caucus; that leaves us with only 17 15 more State Committee Members left to come on board in order to bring this to a vote before the full State Committee, where I believe that it will pass unanimously.

If organized, the DPG Rural Caucus will be charged with addressing the issues, needs, and concerns of our rural Georgia Democrats as well as to gradually dispel the feeling amongst rural Democrats that they are being ignored.

The purpose of the rural caucus will be as follows:

Building a strong Democratic organization in the rural parts of Georgia.

Reaching out and understanding what issues are of major concern and importance to rural Georgians.

Ensuring that during campaign season, our rural activists and supporters receive whatever resources and assistance they may need to maximize Democratic participation and turn-out in their areas.

Laying the foundation for future Democratic victories in rural Georgia.

I hope you will join us as we move forward with an agenda that will build the Democratic Party throughout Georgia, and once again, thank for being such great Democrats!


Andre Walker
State Committee Member,
Democratic Party of Georgia

After I sent this email out, State Committee Members Susanna MacIntosh representing Baker County & Jack Lance, Sr. representing Union County both responded by signing on to the formation of the DPG Rural Caucus.

If you are a DPG State Committee Member, or you know a DPG State Committee Member, please ask them to join us as we reach out to Democrats across Georgia and continue to build a new Democratic majority.