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30 September 2015

Armin Returns to Atlanta with an "Embrace" of New Sounds

We caught up with one of the world's best known DJs, Armin van Buuren, shortly before his mainstage set at Tomorrowworld.

In our interview, Armin talks about his new album "Embrace," exploring different sounds, and the possibility of an Armin Only show in Atlanta.

Check out the first track from Armin's new album, "Embrace;" which is scheduled for release, 29 October 2015.

"Embrace" by Armin van Buuren feat. Eric Vloeimans [Live @ TomorrowWorld 2015]

25 September 2015

People of Tomorrowworld: the T.O.E. Family Gathering within the Gathering

Tomorrowworld kicks off officially today when the first DJs take the assorted stages across Bouckaert's Farm starting at high noon. But for thousands of campers, the shenanigans began Thursday night in Dreamville.

Dreamville is the Tomorrowworld campground, and the festival welcomes the Dreamvillians (we know, that is not a real word) with a party called The Gathering. Another party, however, was a more intimate family get-together.

Tacos Over Everything, better known as T.O.E., organized a taco party inside Dreamville.

T.O.E. is a Facebook group centered around not just Tomorrowworld or electronic dance music, but also camaraderie and good-fellowship.

Their members include people from Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, the Carolinas, California, and all places in between.

Planning for the T.O.E. taco party started online, with individuals volunteering to bring the supplies. Several pounds of meat, sour cream, lettuce, shredded cheese, and cilantro were brought into Dreamville along with the camping gear. Then, at 6PM, a couple cans of propane were ignited under two skillets, and the party was on.

Everyone ate. In fact, there was enough food left over to feed complete strangers who just showed up to see what the commotion was all about.

No one was turned away.

And that is just one story about the people of Tomorrowworld who make every moment of the festival magical.

21 September 2015

Bud Light Celebrates Tomorrowworld with Commemorative Cans at Atlanta Convenience Stores

One the eve of one of the world's biggest and most popular festivals, Tomorrowworld, Bud Light announced they would be celebrating the event with limited edition commemorative cans throughout the Atlanta area.

TomorrowWorld creates a unique, awe-inspiring fantasy that draws attendees from all over the U.S. and beyond, making it a one of a kind music festival that's held in Chattahoochee Hills, Ga. from 25 - 27 2015. It's an experience Bud Light will amplify for the "People of Tomorrow" in a big way as a culmination of the brand's Summer Bucket List campaign.

Bud Light is enhancing the TomorrowWorld journey for its fans throughout the festival, from a main stage viewing platform to the Bud Light Camp of Whatever in Dreamville. Even the Bud Light TomorrowWorld Festival Cans' designs – designed by TomorrowWorld artists – correspond with the festival's fairytale theme.

The limited edition cans are available at convenience stores in metro Atlanta and at the TomorrowWorld festival. But just like summer music festivals, the Bud Light TomorrowWorld Festival Cans will not last long – only 85,000 were created.

Keep your eye out and grab this rare keepsake before they're all gone!

17 September 2015

Burger King Works with Krystal's, Denny's & Three Other Brands to Create the Peace Day Burger

About a month ago, Burger King proposed a truce with its longtime rival McDonald's.

Burger King extended an olive branch to McDonald’s, calling for a one-day ‘burger wars’ ceasefire, on 21 September 2015 -- better known as Peace Day.

Peace Day is a United Nations-recognized annual day of global unity, successfully advocated by the non-profit organization Peace One Day.

It was proposed that on Peace Day, Burger King and McDonald's set aside their differences and unite to create the ‘McWhopper’ - a burger that combines all the tastiest ingredients from their signature sandwiches, the Big Mac® and the WHOPPER®, in one delicious, peace-loving burger.

McDonald's said no. Sales apparently matter more than peace to that global restaurant chain.

Undeterred, Burger King began collaborating with Denny’s, Wayback Burgers, Krystal, Giraffas USA to produce the Peace Day Burger™.

On 21 September, Peace Day Burger™ will be offered for one day only in Atlanta at a pop-up restaurant on 1122 Northside Drive, with the sole objective of raising awareness for Peace Day and the Peace One Day organization. The Peace Day Burger will be available from 11:00 am till 6:00 pm free of charge (1,500 sandwiches are available, first come first served). All participating burger brands will be furthering the cause with a direct monetary donation to Peace One Day

The Peace Day Burger™ combines all the tastiest ingredients from the restaurants’ signature sandwiches into one delicious, peace-loving burger. This culinary mash-up of a lifetime will contain parts of Denny’s Bacon Slamburger, Wayback’s Wayback Classic, Krystal’s Cheese Krystal, Giraffas’ Brutus and Burger King’s Whopper sandwiches.

“We are really proud to be part of the Peace One Day corporate coalition and to see that the awareness of Peace Day in the US is almost five times higher among those who saw this campaign than those who were not aware of it,” said Fernando Machado, Senior Vice President for Global Brand Management at Burger King Corporation. “We were overwhelmed by the goodwill of our fellow restaurateurs, and believe that working with them to create this once-in-a-lifetime burger is a beautiful twist of fate."

11 September 2015

Tomorrowworld Teams with Bellhops to Help Campers Get Their Gear from the Car to Dreamville

Imagine 40,000 people lugging tents, sleeping bags, coolers filled with ice-cold drinks, food, alcohol, and clothing on an endurance-testing journey across flat grasslands from their cars to a campsite.

For Tomorrowworld veterans everywhere, this trek is not imaginary. It's real. Tomorrowworld vets call it the trail of tears.

(The trail of tears to Dreamville [shown below] just got a lot less tearful thanks to BellHops. Images courtesy Tomorrowworld and BellHops.)
Mention the trail of tears to anyone who has attended Tomorrowworld in the past, and you'll hear stories that will make your feet hurt and your bones ache.

This year, however, those stories may change.

Tomorrowwworld is teaming up with a company called Bellhops to help ease the pain and dry the wet eyes of those who survived the trail of tears.

Bellhops is a firm founded in 2013. They got their start in Auburn, Alabama. They are in more than 100 cities across the United States providing moving and lifting assistance to people in need. Atlanta is one of their top markets.

"Bellhops is the new way to move," Austin, Texas City Director Zach Toth said. "We're like the Uber of moving. We're on demand and tech based. We connect college students with people who just need a couple guys to move a few things."

Normally Bellhops charges $40 an hour for their services. But for the People of Tomorrowworld, Bellhops is providing their services absolutely free.

Bellhops will load campers' gear into carts, carry it into the campsite, and help campers set up just like a bellhop would at a hotel.

Zach Toth tells Georgia Unfiltered that Bellhops is providing fifty guys to assist Tomorrowworld festival-goers in moving their gear from car to campground. Four stations will be set up; two in each parking lot, and two at each entrance to Dreamville camping.

"We’re going to be there to take that stress away," Toth said. "Ask any festival staff to point out Bellhops. We will be wearing green outfits for easy identification."

Toth says he hopes Bellhops catches on at other music festivals, where camping next to your car isn't allowed.