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22 July 2016

Atlanta Earns the Irritating Title of Most Robocalled City in America for Seventh Straight Month

Whether they're from politicians seeking votes or from marketers seeking cash, the American people receive a lot of robocalls.

YouMail, a provider of intelligent, cloud-based telecommunication services, released its monthly report that tracks robocall volumes across the country.

The results for June brought the overall national total to 14.3 billion robocalls through the first six months of 2016. The national total of 2.37 billion robocalls in June equals a stunning 79 million robocalls made each day somewhere the country, or roughly 916 robocalls every second of the month.

The data is based on calls blocked and/or reported as spam by millions of YouMail subscribers nationwide. Having answered billions of calls for its users, YouMail uses algorithms to detect any automatically dialed calls and then aggregates that call data into the Robocall Index.

Atlanta led the YouMail 50 Most Robocalled Cities in America list for the seventh month in a row, receiving an estimated 99.1 million robocalls in June, a 6% decline from the previous month. Atlanta is on track to receive over 1 billion robocalls this year alone.

Atlanta's 404 area code topped the 40 Most Robocalled Area Codes Per Capita list, with an average of 36.0 robocalls received per person/month on average. The other Most Robocalled Area Codes Per Capita included Baton Rouge 225 (32.6 calls/month); Washington, DC 202 (27.6); Macon, GA 478 (19.3); Memphis, TN (18.4); New York, NY 347 (18.3); New Orleans, LA (18.0); Little Rock, AR 501 (17.9); Birmingham, AL 205 (17.1); and Lafayette, LA (15.5).

The National Do Not Call Registry has been largely ineffective because it was created for live telemarketers, not automated robodialers, according to YouMail CEO Alex Quilici. YouMail is inviting Americans to join a national campaign to share the numbers of unwanted robocallers so that telco carriers can deploy free software blocking solutions to guard against those numbers.

"Robocallers are an unmitigated source of irritation for everyday consumers and small business owners across the country," said Quilici. "As robocalls continue to skyrocket, we are building a coalition of fed-up Americans who want to take action to stop this national insanity."

20 July 2016

Atlanta Attorney Offers Tips to Keep Your Canine Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

Bruce Millar (pictured right) from Millar & Mixon Law Firm serves the victims of personal injury accidents all over the state of Georgia. The attorneys at the law firm have over 20 years of experience of helping clients get their life back on track after a serious accident has occurred.

The extreme heat and humid conditions during the summer months in Georgia can be detrimental to your dog. Therefore, it is always important to take care of your dog whenever you're taking her outside to enjoy the sunshine. However, even if your dog remains indoors during the hot days, it is still highly recommended that you take precautions at all times to reduce the chances of your dog suffering from heat strokes and from the dog getting agitated to the point of attacking strangers. Avoiding dog bites is very important because according to a dog bite injury can be devastating and compensation for the victim might be hard to claim.

Taking your dog outdoors for exercise during a hot, humid day, even with water, can lead to your dog becoming overheated leading to heat stroke.

Unlike humans, your dog cannot sweat as easily; he must depend on panting and the skin surface to dispel heat. Once these mechanisms are overwhelmed by the extreme heat, your dog may suffer from heat stroke.

Dogs that are at a greater risk for heat stroke include:

19 July 2016

Relive the Memories: The Opening Ceremonies for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games

(Image courtesy Centennial Olympic Park)
On this day, twenty years ago, Atlanta opened the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games with a four-hour ceremony featuring pick-up trucks, cheerleaders, original music composed by the legendary John Williams, and Muhammad Ali lighting the Olympic cauldron.

We are celebrating that great day in Georgia history, where the Peach State welcomed the world to Atlanta, by posting the complete Opening Ceremonies for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games video. It is the international feed, with no commercial interruption and little commentary from the presenters.

We hope you enjoy it.

Opening Ceremonies for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games

13 July 2016

Seven Lions Returns to Atlanta, 26 November, Pledges Part of Ticket Proceeds to Cancer Org.

Seven Lions loves Atlanta.

It's easy to make such a definitive statement, because Seven Lions came to Atlanta three times in 2015.

Well, Seven Lions is coming back to show Atlanta some love again -- this time at The Tabernacle, 26 November 2016 -- and this show will have an extra special meaning to it.

Seven Lions announced he's teaming up with FCancer, a cutting-edge nonprofit organization dedicated to early detection, prevention and providing support to those affected by cancer. In addition to general awareness efforts being present at his Atlanta show, one dollar will be added on to every ticket purchased and the proceeds will go directly to FCancer.

"Really excited to be partnering with F Cancer for this tour,” said Jeff Montalvo (Seven Lions). “Happy to support such a great cause.”

Seven Lions' Atlanta show at the Tabernacle is part of a North American tour with more than 40 dates kicking off 6 October in Vancouver, BC.

The concept for The Journey tour was inspired by the millions of young people who are taking it upon themselves to create their own adventures and embark on their own personal journeys of discovery. Continuing Seven Lions’ tradition of transcending musical boundaries and creating thematic artistic works, The Journey tour harps on this youthful energy and celebrates the unique beauty found in all of the people and places that comprise the life journey we all find ourselves on.

A pre-sale for the tour will run 13 - 14 July via Ticketmaster, with pre-sale purchasers receiving an exclusive download of the “Creation EP Remixes” before the official 22 July release on Casablanca Records. The package includes several reworks of the producer’s latest tracks “Creation ft. Vok” and “Coming Home ft. Mike Mains” from various producers including Kap Slap, Jason Ross and 3LAU. General on sale for the tour begins Friday, 15 July.

Click here for tickets or visit

12 July 2016

Zeds Dead to Debut New Album After Imagine Music Festival Performance

(The dynamic duo of Zeds Dead comes to Atlanta for the Imagine Music Festival, 26 -28 August 2016. Photo by Hannah Snider.)
Zeds Dead, one of the many artists performing at next month's Imagine Music Festival, will debut their new album Northern Lights soon after the duo brings the beats to Atlanta.

The album, released on the duo's newly formed Deadbeats label, features an array of collaborations including but not limited to Pusha T, Diplo, Elliphant, Twin Shadow, Rivers Cuomo, Jadakiss, Styles P, and more to be revealed.

"There is something undeniably captivating about the night sky," said Zeds Dead. "It's almost like a direct projection of the unknown. The phenomenon of the Northern lights serves as a stark contrast to this --something vibrant and beautiful emerging from this darkness.

"It's a cross roads where we feel a lot of our music exists and its something that we really wanted to further explore with our debut album and live tour. We can't wait to bring you into this world over the next few months."

Tickets are still available for Imagine, which will be held over three days (26 - 28 August 2016) at Atlanta Motor Speedway

State House Candidate with Lengthy Criminal History Impresses Few in Meeting with Local Police


Chutzpah is a Yiddish word that means shameless audacity.

Linda Becquer Pritchett, a Democrat hoping to win a seat in the Georgia General Assembly this year, has a lot of chutzpah.

She recently called an "emergency meeting" to discuss police encounters with local law enforcement and community leaders. It took a lot of chutzpah for Pritchett to organize such a meeting, given her lengthy criminal history.

Pritchett's run-ins with the law are well documented. She once faced tough questions from CBS Atlanta news about her criminal past.

Linda Pritchett CBS Atlanta Interview

Atlanta Progressive News (APN) reported this week that Pritchett entered a plea of guilty to felony grand larceny charges in Virginia. APN also reported Pritchett pled no contest to five misdemeanor charges including unlawful manufacture of license plates and decals, concealing identity of a vehicle, operating an unregistered vehicle, no insurance, and a handicap parking violation.

Dominique Huff, an activist who was asked to speak at the community meeting, said he believed Pritchett should talk about her past.

"I think this is a teachable moment," Huff said. "Candidates should never run from their past. I would encourage her to openly talk about it."

Those who attended Monday night's forum left the venue unimpressed with both Pritchett and the police in attendance.

"Pritchett failed to tell us her agenda, nor did she give any plausible reason that people in the community should vote for her," local resident Romaine Smith said. "[College Park Police Chief Keith]Meadows was a nice guy. However, he dodged the tough questions with regard to rogue police officers.

"He asserted that civilians should comply with officer's commands. He also stated that should we encounter an officer who is essentially out of control, we should attempt to de-escalate the situation in an effort to calm the officer down," Smith continued.

Ted Jackson Talks About His Record as Sheriff of Fulton County

The 26 July 2016 Democratic primary runoff for Fulton County Sheriff is just two weeks away.

Early voting has started.

Fulton County Sheriff Ted Jackson faces a challenge from one of his predecessors, Richard Lankford.

Georgia Unfiltered interviewed both Sheriff Jackson ahead of the vote. Our sit-down with Jackson is posted below:

Georgia Unfiltered Interview with Fulton County Sheriff Ted Jackson